Me and my Eco journey

My name is Diana Morgan. I was born in the mid-1950s and became aware of environmental issues in my teens. We were a Guardian-reading family, getting good coverage of such matters; Doomwatch was on TV (a drama series about a secret government agency tackling environmental emergencies); Friends of the Earth launched with a publicity stunt dumping non-returnable glass bottles on the doorstep of Cadbury-Schweppes. The holes in the ozone layer at the poles (and the role of CFCs in that) became a concern, as did global warming, now more correctly known as climate change.

Not being good at sciences at school I pursued an arts degree; in any case, environmental science courses were in their infancy in those days. For a couple of decades afterwards, I took an avid interest in eco matters but did little of a practical nature, apart from being a member of organisations such as Friends of the Earth; although I do believe it is important to put your money where your mouth is even if you are not taking action yourself. My activism in the 1980s and 90s mainly involved going on CND and Anti-Apartheid demonstrations, both very pressing issues at the time. I recycled as much as I could in the days before kerbside collections.

Since moving out of London to Chichester in the mid-90s I have become an active member of Chichester Organic Gardening Society and Transition Chichester. In 2010 I became self-employed for the first time following redundancy, working as a freelance social media marketer (with green-related and local food clients where possible). Soon after, I added another business to my portfolio as a distributor for Wikaniko, a UK-based cooperative selling all kinds of eco-friendly, healthy, and natural goods. I trade as EcoStepByStep.

At the time of writing, I am stepping back from routine social media work in favour of more writing in the green sphere (blog posts and copywriting for clients) and of developing EcoStepByStep. I have also recently become one of a team of WI Climate Ambassadors.

My interests include nature, travel, photography and walking. At some point, I changed from the teenager who told her mother “I’m not an outdoor person” into … an outdoor person, some of the time!

So what’s next? Really, it’s wide open. I want to spend more time on environmental projects, both professionally and personally – working on turtle protection is one cause that really appeals to me!

This is the first stage of my evolution from eco worrier to eco-warrior!

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