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Ending the War on Nature – an event brought to us by the Shoreham Wordfest

In this one-day event at Shoreham Wordfest, West Sussex, on 2nd October 2021, speakers included Isabella Tree, Tony Whitbread, Nicola Peel, Paul Hannam, and Henri Brocklebank. Tony Whitbread of the Sussex WildlifeTrust spoke of the human dominator culture that began in earnest with the Industrial Revolution and has been stepped up in the last two […]

Chichester, an eco town – an informal sustainability blueprint for other towns to follow?

The story of Eco Chichester’s sustainability journey Eco Chi, as we call it, is a varied group of people interested in our local, national, and international environment, and how to protect and indeed enhance it. Most of us are also very concerned about the climate emergency. Pre-dating our group were other environmental groups and looser associations, one […]

My Earth-friendly products Crowdfunder during the Covid-19 outbreak

Businesses small and large are suffering during the Covid-19 crisis. There is a new initiative called Pay it Forward from Crowdfunder aimed at small businesses, charities, etc. that have seen their cashflow drop and they are waiving all their fees. Pay it Forward can be used for both products and services and is well worth considering for […]

3 steps the UK Government must take now Parliament has voted to declare a Climate Emergency

Yesterday, 1st May 2019, the UK Parliament became the first in the world to pass a motion declaring an  “environment and climate emergency”. This is largely a symbolic measure but let’s not doubt he enormous importance of this unexpected move. All credit to opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn for initiating the motion (Labour traditionally has not […]


Strawberries. Everybody loves strawberries. Or do they? As a small child I didn’t like them. I can’t even remember why; I don’t believe it was the sharpness that ideally comes along with the sweetness because I loved damson jam, a regular feature of my Northern upbringing, for instance. Then when I was about eight I […]

An evening Badger Watch with Sussex Wildlife Trust

My only sighting of a badger was seeing a juvenile animal ambling along a coastal path ahead of us several years ago. The opportunity to see more came in the form of an invitation to a Badger Watch from Sussex Wildlife Trust, of which I am a member. So one early evening last week I joined […]

An afternoon with Food Tours Havana

We met for our half-day guided walk with Food Tours Havana tour at Mojito Mojito, a lively and beautiful bar in Old Havana. [Funnily enough, but perhaps advisedly as we had three hours ahead of us, we didn’t sample mojitos here] Our guide was Ana Fuentes, who gave us a general briefing before we set […]