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Strawberries. Everybody loves strawberries. Or do they? As a small child I didn’t like them. I can’t even remember why; I don’t believe it was the sharpness that ideally comes along with the sweetness because I loved damson jam, a regular feature of my Northern upbringing, for instance. Then when I was about eight I […]

An evening Badger Watch with Sussex Wildlife Trust

My only sighting of a badger was seeing a juvenile animal ambling along a coastal path ahead of us several years ago. The opportunity to see more came in the form of an invitation to a Badger Watch from Sussex Wildlife Trust, of which I am a member. So one early evening last week I joined […]

An afternoon with Food Tours Havana

We met for our half-day guided walk with Food Tours Havana tour at Mojito Mojito, a lively and beautiful bar in Old Havana. [Funnily enough, but perhaps advisedly as we had three hours ahead of us, we didn’t sample mojitos here] Our guide was Ana Fuentes, who gave us a general briefing before we set […]