Al Gore’s film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

My view of Al Gore introducing An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Last week I attended the UK premiere of Al Gore’s follow-up film to An Inconvenient Truth, released in 2006. The man himself introduced An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, about the dangers of climate change, what’s happened since the first film, and some reasons to be hopeful. This is a short summary of what he had to say.

Waiting in the queue to go into Somerset House

Waiting in the queue to go into Somerset House

There was a distinct sense of optimism about the future in what he had to say and in the film. 

He feels that humanity is now rising to the challenge.  He urged us to commit to being part of the solution (although for this audience he was surely preaching to the converted) and to spread the word, via social media and elsewhere. The situation is very dangerous: we can win, but the movement needs to get bigger. Taking personal action is imperative: we need to put pressure on public officials and on the businesses we patronise to change their policies and actions to remediate the effects of climate change. In particular, Gore finds the success of renewable energy and the fact that prices are crashing down very encouraging. By these means he thinks we can solve global warming in time. He does not feel that Donald Trump’s rejection of the Paris Agreement means the end of international efforts as there is so much will to make it work from the other nations; also many cities and states in the US are continuing to follow the Paris Agreement. “The damage I feared Trump would do has turned out to be less than I feared.”

100% of the proceeds from the film will go to training his team of Climate Reality activists; one of those here in West Sussex is Carrie Cort of Sussex Green Living

For me, as a member of a team of Climate Ambassador for the National Federation of Women’s Institutes, I found it all very inspiring.

This is me in a crowd of 2,000 people in the courtyard of Somerset House in London!