Sharing ideas for a green, healthy and natural lifestyle.

Helping us tread more lightly on our beautiful Planet Earth!

I have been environmentally aware since my mid-teens.

On moving out of London to Chichester in the mid-90s I became an active member of Chichester Organic Gardening Society and Transition Chichester.

About seven years ago I went freelance after several years as an employee. I became a social media marketer working with small businesses and specialising in the environmental, local food, gardening, hospitality, and wellbeing sectors where possible.

Soon after, I added another business to my portfolio as a distributor for Wikaniko, a UK-based cooperative selling all kinds of eco-friendly, healthy, and natural goods. I trade as EcoStepByStep.

I am now stepping back from routine social media work in favour of more writing in the green sphere (blog posts and copywriting for clients) and of developing EcoStepByStep. I have also recently become one of a team of WI Climate Ambassadors.

My interests include nature, travel, photography and walking. At some point, I changed from the teenager who told her mother “I’m not an outdoor person” into … an outdoor person, some of the time!

So what’s next? Really, it’s wide open. I want to spend more time on environmental projects, both professionally and personally – working on turtle protection is one cause that really appeals to me!

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